Alhama Signature Golf Chipping Comp

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Alhama Signature Golf Chipping Comp with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru, Steve Buzza and YourGolfTravel’s Rory. Watch as the three golfers take on a chip shot that Mark had when they played this hole in the course vlog. See who can chip the golf ball closest to win yet another golf challenge. This is a difficult golf shot with not much green to work with. Play your best golf with Mark’s fun and easy to follow golf videos.

19 thoughts on “Alhama Signature Golf Chipping Comp

  1. Well, a big lesson for us all there ! Forget your wedges on a shot like this , try again with 7-irons all of you . Cheers , Nige .

  2. Crossfield should be the first to play, since he is the guru. It's much easier when you check out how the ball behaved for the other players. Nice vid, anyways.

  3. So buzzerman was on the camera when Rory chips first, then instead of chipping next Mark takes camera off the buzzerman while he chips, and surprise surprise Mark chips last to gain the advantage……..mmmmm, seems fair!

  4. Winner of the last challenge should go last. But that would mean Rory would never lose since he'd get to learn from the others like mark does…

  5. I am sat here laughing at all the comments. People are seriously crying about the guru going last on a fun golf video. It's no surprise golf clubs are full of snobs.

  6. Mark went last but I would argue he didn't learn anything. The wedge didn't work for any of us, agree with the guys suggesting less loft was the better option.

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