Adventures In Golf BTS – Arctic Golf – Iceland

The final episode of the Iceland Vlogs wraps up with Erik, Stu, and crew running on sleepless nights, French fries, and coffee to keep them going. And, that extra kick of energy was needed because it was finally time to film Adventures in Golf. Our Saga ends with epic landscapes throughout Iceland, and a behind-the-scenes look at filming the intro behind AIG Season 3 episode “Arctic Golf” where Erik tees off atop a ski lift. And, where one adventure ends, another begins. And, this ending, started the beginning of the Scotland Diaries.

“The Release” by Walz
“Inspiration” by Ankori Ramon

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31 thoughts on “Adventures In Golf BTS – Arctic Golf – Iceland

  1. Hey Erik! I’m going to the only free golf course this weekend (buhl farm gc) and was wondering your thoughts on it. Did you enjoy your time in the pittsburgh area?

  2. Got to the end to see how you made the beginning, classic R.G.C crew move. Loved it. Enjoy Texas. Stu come for a round in Canberra when its safe.

  3. Only discovered this channel a few days ago after watching the entire Adventures in Golf Series – your channel is a must for all golf and adventure lovers!

  4. Is the adventures in golf series coming back? Would love to see more. I have quite a few on my list of courses I’d like to see. Especially urban golf in Portland. Seems like a cool group to hang with.

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