A Tournament Unlike Any Other

Coming in November.

The 84th Masters Tournament will be held November 9-15, 2020. Tune in to ESPN and CBS or go to masters.com.

30 thoughts on “A Tournament Unlike Any Other

  1. There is no other sporting event like The Masters. Everything about it is unique only to Augusta. One day I will get to witness it in all it's glory.

  2. The masters, the best golf tournament ever . Is anyone else getting chills up their body or is it just me ?👍🏌️‍♀️⛳️

  3. I'm so happy the Masters is being played regardless of our current situation. Albeit during a different time of the year, it's still the Masters which is a tournament that will always have a special place in my life

  4. Looking around at people so scared of the China virus they even wear masks driving a car. Then we have to endure all this BLM Marxist baloney. If I have to watch one more commercial because these Globalist shills are scared to death they will be cancelled or called out by these Marxists I will vomit. But as we know the elitists at the top of the sport called golf are bought and paid for. By the Communists in China and the Globalists around the world. You see it's all about money for them. Not the sport but the politics they MUST adhere to.

  5. alphabet/google/youtube is a terrorist organization. Every employee must be PUT TO DEATH for sedition , subversion , insurrection , treason and crimes against humanity.

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