A Real Discussion on Race at the Golf Course

From Erik Anders Lang…

As an interviewer, I have learned that the most important skill I can hone is my ability to listen. Indeed, in this time of learning how the men and women standing next to me my entire life have struggled – seeing and hearing their overwhelming experience of inequality – is about nothing more than just that: listening. Grateful to have had the opportunity to talk to Joe and his family while filming the new season of Adventures in Golf with Skratch.

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35 thoughts on “A Real Discussion on Race at the Golf Course

  1. This is as pure as it gets. Great job Erik for bringing this forward. You always have that magic touch on how to present stories and perspectives.
    Props to the dad. Great parenting. I’ve learned a thing or two today. 🙏

  2. Tiger woods was the ONLY reason I every got into golf. Seeing another minority dominate the game the way he did inspired me to try and get out there and play. Now I'm a 6 handicap and loving golf. Good video EAL! 🙌🏼👍🏼👏🏽

  3. Mr. Moss is an amazing father! I was honored to have both of his daughter and son in my class. He and his wife are raising world changers!❤️❤️ Excellent interview!

  4. Erik – I appreciate you for having candid, REAL, discussions, with real people, in the name of golf.

  5. Thanks for interview man, as a black golfer who has played jr golf all the way to collegiate golf this really hits home especially the bit where he talks about the racism he experienced while playing baseball. I’ve been called the “white-black” in high school or comments made at me like “you aren’t like the rest of them (black people)” just for loving the sport of golf, it doesn’t make me any less of a black person and it just doesn’t make sense! There’s thousands of stories like this and thanks for sharing his ✊🏾

  6. It's sad that a child can explain how the world (not just in golf) should be better than the average person. Kid is spitting facts!!!!

    Pop's stache is also dynamite

  7. Being white I truly don’t know how people of color feel while they are at the club but we have people from all ethnicities at my private course. Only limiting factor here is money. Only reason I joined a private club is because the public courses over sell tee times leading to 5+ hour rounds.

  8. The fact that it's 2020 and we're STILL needing to have this discussion. We are and I can't stress this enough, doomed.

  9. For the record folks, black fathers like this brother aren’t a rarity.

    Also, i love golf but its amazing that Tiger changed golf, purses have gotten bigger but for some reason now that the money is huge black caddies are dam near like dinosaurs on the tour. I don’t understand why but it would appear that as the money grows the caddies shades have gotten less dark.

  10. A beautiful family. Sobering to reflect the closeness of history, with respect to this man's great grandfather. It feels like things have progressed so far on one hand, but perhaps that's just perspective. I hope with this movement, an honest, fair and kind change can come about. Thanks EAL for taking this on.

  11. When is he going to be limited? If you work hard and have the money you can join any club. How are you treated? Ridiculous! Have you had the talk with him? Ridiculous! It’s not equal white kids can score lower to get into college, and black can score lower than white. Victim mentality instilled in a child is horrible.

  12. Best thing about this interview is that you let the man speak freely without trying to lead the interview with your questions. Kudos!

  13. The country club kids used to make fun of my garage sale clubs. They wasn’t laughing when I was beating them all way up through JR golf, while I continued my golf career in college and at the pro level. Keep it up chap!! 🤙🏾

  14. The one "talk" no parent should have to ever have with their child. I really hope that this changes while I am still alive.
    The one thing about golf that makes me love it, is the fact that any race, any ethnicity, whether you are rich or poor, can come together and enjoy the outdoors and the wonderful game of golf.

  15. This really was brilliantly listened Erik. Thanks for enabling everyone else to hear what Joe has to say, so many of your videos transcend golf… the channel is 'golf is life', well this one really succeeded beyond that brief. Hope it gets shared widely. Thanks Erik, and thanks Joe and family!

  16. One of the best videos I have seen in awhile and I loved it. This is what golf should be. EAL doing amazing things out here and that’s why I’ll support the random golf club for life

  17. Fantastic father and community figure. We would be buds if we crossed paths. I'd love to play a round with you and your son.

  18. I am from Iceland. Pretty sure we all have no inkling of any struggle comparable to what happens to the downtrodden in America. But at least all our golf courses are public. Wish that were the norm everywhere. Good video. This injustice due to pigment cells is infuriating.

  19. Fucking solid video! Well done. Couldn’t think of a better way to bring people together than with such a level headed and good father as this. Let’s just all play together and enjoy each other’s company doing what we love. Golf, or whatever. Such a stand up guy. Wish there were more men like him around.

  20. Thank you so much for doing an interview on this topic and for interviewing such an intelligent and eloquent human being regarding the issue.
    This guy, organically, raised issues and addressed them. I was so thankful when he discussed how easy it is turn a blind eye regarding an issue if you aren't aware of it.

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