A Rangefinder for the People

It is a big day for RGC and Precision Pro as this project has been in the works for over a year. We took a trip to Cincinnati to meet with the Precision Pro Team where we were blown away by an early mockup of the RGC x Precision Pro Rangefinder. It meant a lot to see a company put a different logo on their product. It said, “This is a rangefinder for everyone.” Fast forward a year, and here we are, officially launching a product that is truly for the people. Thank you for supporting the brands that support the RGC mission.
To shop the RGC x Precision Pro Rangefinder, visit

41 thoughts on “A Rangefinder for the People

  1. Dude even advertisement videos like these are incredible. Thank you for the effort you put into this channel we appreciate the hell out of you, by far the best golf content on YouTube <3

  2. Single best investment you can make in your game if you’re an 80s shooter trying to go lower. Not just flags – shoot those trees behind the green, that fairway bunker, that water – rangefinders are huge for learning to not short side yourself or get into penalty situations off the tee.

  3. Is it $39.99? Made in the USA?

    The idea that these things cost hundreds of dollars to make is silly. They're all cheap Chyna products made with the hands of typically children.

  4. I've been playing "what it looks like it's going to take" for so long that a range finder would surely mess me up.

  5. Unbelievably pumped for this, just placed my order! Had been holding off weighing the difference between the NX7 or NX9 and this collaboration just put it over the top! Wish I could have it for my morning round tomorrow

  6. Is it just me or are so many things in golf just unnecessary ways to spend money to make you think you will play better? ie: 'golf' shoes and rangefinders?

  7. The controversy that this is expensive is an interesting one. I recently bought the NX7 as a gift for my buddy, and compared to a lot of other brands with similar and on par features, it was significantly less expensive than other brands I was looking at (others at $300-400 starting price for the same specs). While $270 may seem a bit steep, this is NX9 version has capabilities (slope and non-slope) of a $400-500 rangefinder. This is also probably the only rangefinder you will ever need to buy, with lifetime battery replacements as well. While I understand it’s still pricy for many, I think a rangefinder is an investment in your golf game and is an essential tool if you want to become more serious about golf! I have waited for this to come out make this investment, and it’s a worthy one to me. As always, thanks Erik and the RGC team! 🙏🏼

  8. I got an nx7 this year thanks to seeing it on your channel and am loving it. Rangefinder has completely changed my game

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