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As we arrive at Thanksgiving, allow me a moment to share a few of the golf-related things for which I am thankful:

• The way golf became a saving grace during the pandemic, the participation numbers exploding as people gravitated to courses when they couldn’t go many other places. Getting a tee time occasionally felt like found money.

• Tiger Woods’ last six holes of the Masters. Coming off a 10 at the 12th, when every other player would have surrendered, he birdied five of the last six holes.

That’s why he’s Tiger.

• The overdue acceptance of push carts – trolleys, if you like – in the American game. They’re ubiquitous in the U.K. but we’ve been reluctant to adopt them for no good reason. That changed this summer.

Dustin Johnson’s reaction after winning the Masters made him easy to appreciate. Photo: Patrick Smith, Getty Images

• Dustin Johnson wiping away tears and being unable to get his words out at the green jacket ceremony at Augusta. It’s always been easy to appreciate his golf. His reaction allowed us to appr…

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