A Champion’s Sunday | The Master

Dustin Johnson spent his life waiting for this moment. It was every he’d dreamed of.

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44 thoughts on “A Champion’s Sunday | The Master

  1. Thank you Masters for making this such a great event for all the fans! Great camera work, shorts and coverage! Always great commentary and high quality av ty peace Great job Dj

  2. This is by far the most emotion DJ has ever shown and I loved seeing. It just truly shows how much winning the green jacket really means to him!

  3. Well earned DJ, cool as a cucumber the whole weekend. You know what else is cool?
    A green jacket from Tiger AND the new Masters scoring record! golf clap

  4. One thing I learned about this Masters no make that two. DJ is an awesome player well deserving of a green jacket and Rory has not convinced me he has what it takes to get one. Easy to play from behind after you fall way back. Let’s see what happens if he’s got another lead on Sunday. I hope he gets it done I’m just not sure of everyone assuming it’s inevitable that he wins the Masters

  5. Man I hope they modernize the Masters theme music and the typical sort of music heard in golf videos. It really feels like one is stuck in an elevator in a funeral home in the 1950s. Golf desperately needs an Allen Iverson.

  6. Great weekend, great tournament, great champion. Also, looks like Patrick Reed and Bryson are making accounts to thumbs down this video….. 🙂

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