9 Things Tour Players Do That You Don’t

Neil Tappin takes a look at the things pros do that you don’t.

9 Things Tour Players Do That You Don’t

1. Properly Warming Up

We all know how important a warm-up is but how many of us actually do it? How many of us also warm-up before heading to the range or practice ground? We guess not many… The pros warm up before they start hitting golf balls on the range. This means they don’t waste a single shot or lose confidence hitting poor shots as they get loose.

2. 100-Yard Pitching Technique

The pros will rarely hit a flat-out pitch shot with their most lofted club in the bag mainly because it takes away some of their flight control. What the pros do is take a little bit speed off the swing, this reduces the spin and flattens out the flight a little. So when pitching, it makes sense not to play to the limit of your speed. Take an extra club if you need to and keep the tempo nice and smooth.

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3. Knowing Where They Cannot Miss

When building strategy for a hole the pros are very good at knowing where they absolutely cannot hit the ball. This is how they keep the big scores off their cards. Identify where the big number comes from and then build a strategy that takes that out of play!

4. Start Lines When Putting

The pros are meticulous about making sure that when they are putting, they are starting the ball on the right line. They do so by using training aids and training techniques to make sure they aren’t pulling or pushing putts and you can do the same with simple gate drills and aids.

5. Understanding Your Game

The pros always have a clear idea on what their strengths and weaknesses are which gives them a framework on what to work on in practice and helps them build a strategy when out on the course. Amateurs could do with understanding their games more and then implementing what they know into practice on the range and on the course.

6. Mental Game 

These days pros have a clear idea on how important the mental side of the game is because it controls everything and has an impact on performance on the course. The question is – are you doing work to try and improve our mental game? There are lots of things you can do to train yourself here, such as pressure practice, performance practice and also looking at how you process a round of golf.

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7. Visualising The Shot You Want To Play

Seeing the shot in your head is something the pros do on every single shot they are faced with, but amateurs rarely do this. Doing so can help narrow your focus and give you a clear idea on the shot you want to play. It can also be hugely beneficial to your game because it acts as a positive mental rehearsal for your shot.

8. Practicing With Purpose

Going to the range and just hitting balls without any clear objective is pretty much a waste of time. The pros are very good at making sure their practice sessions have a point to them and a clear idea on what they are trying to achieve. Additionally, performance practice can help create the same pressure situations that you experience out on the course too.

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9. Cleaning Clubs

The pros clean their clubs after every shot they hit, not just the wedges. They know that anything trapped between the face and the ball will affect the outcome in terms of spin, distance, and so many other variables. Cleaning your club before you hit will create a more reliable and consistent outcome.

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