9 holes with the most HIGHLY-RATED clubs of 2020 (all in one bag!!) | Golfalot Equipment Feature


In this video, professional golfer Sophie Walker plays 9 holes of golf at Houldsworth Golf Club with her favourite golf clubs from everything she has tested so far in 2020.

This video was shot on-course at Houldsworth Golf Club.

What golf clubs have you enjoyed watching Sophie review most in 2020? What golf clubs have you bought this year and what has found it’s way into your golf bag? Let us know in the comments below!




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23 thoughts on “9 holes with the most HIGHLY-RATED clubs of 2020 (all in one bag!!) | Golfalot Equipment Feature

  1. Great review, unique and refreshing review concept. Really enjoyed your insights in your choice of the clubs and the shot-making that the clubs provided.

  2. Hi Sophie I'm currently testing drivers, and the Mavrik Max and Sim Max are coming out tops, but I'm interested in the fact that you are using stiff shafts, when your swing speed is relatively low, what's the reason for this please?

  3. Did you ever tried Argolf putters ? You may have a (good) surprise. I had.
    You're right. Nowadays having all your clubs in the same brand doesn't make any sens. However, the issue is to try all the clubs and shafts you'd like when so many options are available to you.

  4. Sophie, I loved the video. I want to play a blended set of the MP line of Mizuno, but I am holding out on purchasing them due to the new line of Mizuno coming out in September.

  5. An immensely enjoyable video. Very helpful and informative, put over in a straightforward manner. Great golf too.

  6. Great video Sophie, love the on course content. Playing the Ping G410 Plus driver and 3 G410 hybrids. Got fitted at Ping fitting headquarters in Gainsborough early June. Interested in the new forthcoming Mizuno irons, as like you said, who can resist having a Mizuno iron in the bag! 😊 Keep up the good work. 👍

  7. great vid, we have similar ball speeds so very interested in your choices. I play to a 4 and have 142 driver ball speed. may I ask (I'm debating these right now and would love your opinion) why u chose irons mav pro over apex19? ball prov1x over tp5x? keep up the good work

  8. Great choice on irons Sophie just ordered them in 4-gw with kbs graphite shafts gave me the best numbers of all the current irons. That impressed i had to partner them with a mavrik sub zero driver, 3 wood and 5 wood 👌

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