$799 for THESE IRONS! Too good to be true…

I review the Haywood Signature MB Irons to see if this direct to consumer model of club sales is worth the money.

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28 thoughts on “$799 for THESE IRONS! Too good to be true…

  1. mizuno. nothing feels like a mizuno and when did this you are comparing apples with pears all the infrastructure of mizuno compared to the guess work of hayward

  2. I would like to see a test of the Dynacraft driving iron. There is so little info out there about them, and they seem like a bargain for anyone thinking about giving a long iron a try.

  3. If you ordered the Haywoods with the same lofts they would have gone the same distance but would have had a better flight i.e. coming in higher for less run. With the price difference I think the answer is easy.

  4. those would be a lot sexier without the ugly signature… This is 2020. Make a nice clean logo(small one) and slap that on

  5. Hogan also produces Irons that undercut the competition. And people have actually HEARD of them. I know Rick S. and Matt F. have used the Hogan's in their bags, but have you tested them lately (other than that club swap video with Matt awhile ago)?

  6. Peter I love your sense of humor. My wife keeps asking me why I keep cracking up laughing during a golf video. Keep it up!

  7. Not a fan of Dubai golf courses. Looks like someone has plonked a course on the edge of salford with those flats in the background.

  8. Nice looking blade. I see you like using Callaway wobble balls. Apparently Callaway spent a bunch of the cash they stole from us (by selling off-centered wobbly balls for premium prices) to upgrade the factory to make less wobbly balls that they sell at premium ball prices.

  9. Pete any chance you do a review of some of the Sub 70 irons? They’re another direct to consumer brand that seem really well priced

  10. thing about fitting is it depends on one thing for amatuers. That is, what your handicap is. if you are off low say5 and below, then fine you will hit the ball ok. however if you are say off 18, you could well have an off day at the fitting. then what? yes if you are 6 foot three like me some obvious chioces re shaft are easy to guess anyway

  11. I’m sorry Pete, your comparing custom clubs to stock clubs, that is a crappie comparison, and you are bias to the Miniso Clubs!!!

  12. YOU DON'T GROW OUT OF METAL! YOU GROW INTO IT!! You develope a higher state of being, like a 8ft flop shot over a bunker onto a sloping green to make eagle, its some galaxy brain shizzle mere mortals can't prehend.

    Great vid btw haha

  13. So what I’m getting from this is…Pete never really wanted Haywood to win but thought they looked good but not that good compared to mizunos in the bag already 😂😂😂

  14. Why don’t you test New Level golf clubs they do some great forged iirons wellworthi a look got great Reviews in the states Golf tech U.K. sure thed send you some clubs to try

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