5 MUST HAVE GOLF SHOTS | Tour Pro Coaching Around The Green

Me and Tour Winner Jordan Smith face off in this challenge to look at 5 must have shots around the green. A pitch, a chip, a tight lie, a flop shot and a bunker.

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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

43 thoughts on “5 MUST HAVE GOLF SHOTS | Tour Pro Coaching Around The Green

  1. Pete thanks for coming down to my level – and of course giving us the instructions to get up to the level you got back to…Cheers, stay safe over there all you guys.

  2. Love this one, great recap on shot variety! Can you do one on how play on an extremely wet and muddy ground?

  3. I can recommend Gardeners World BBC 2 Friday night Pete. There's plenty on Iplayer for you to get some good tips whilst you're in lockdown 🙂

  4. Peter. It worries me seeing you and so many other people with the phone in your pants pocket. If you read up in your phones inbuilt info, it will tell you to keep your phone away from your body. There are long term dangers keeping any mobile phone close to your body, especially your groin, chest, or making numerous long calls using the phone to your ear. RF Radiation causes cancer so please do yourself a favour and remove it from being close to your body. Iphone go to General, legal & regulatory then RF exposure. Even when your not on a call, the phone continues to talk to the nearest cell phone tower with alarming regularity, if your body is in front of the line of sight, the signal goes through you body, that is the big danger, plus the overall RF radiation pattern is larger than many people are aware of. It covers most of your goin area when it's in you front or back pocket. Please do yourself a favour, that goes for everyone reading this. Be informed, be safe.
    Great first shot. Hard to replicate but always good to watch, being better than the coach LOL

  5. It’s actually 4-3 to you Pete, did you not know a whole out against a tour pro is 3 points not 1 😉👍🏻🏌🏻‍♂️

  6. This guy is very unorthodox with his philosophies on these shots. Everyone has a different taste and his works for him. Square up for bunker shots? Ball always on front foot for chipping? Always grabs his highest lofted wedge? Hey, bravo man.

  7. Love your content Pete. Really look forward to your videos in a time when there isn't much else to look forward to. Now, if you could just show us how to walk right up to a ball and sink it on the first shot…. Oh wait.. Great shot!!

  8. when the sand is super compacted, can you play it like a normal firm like in the fairway and pick it clean? just wondering.

  9. I really hate the trailer fad going on with YT right now. Makes watching it wayyyyyy less interesting when the best shot is played in the first 5 seconds

  10. What a start Pete, and what a video, I picked up some really useful stuff here. Can't wait to see how I can do it when we get back to playing again

  11. That 5th lie would have been putter for me. That way I could of at least had half a chance of getting a good lie in the bunker.

  12. Awesome video. Def could have used this knowledge before playing yesterday. My short game was absolute shite and what I struggled with all-day. Gotta readjust to short game play in wet-winter conditions

  13. I've watched your videos over the years and just subscribed. Don't be so hard on yourself, you were playing against a Pro. Chipping in your first shot and your commentary afterwards made me subscribe! *Please continue to reinforce player's club selection. I learned more about utilizing my 60°and how grinds interact with shot selection and face angle. The chart afterwards was useful!
    Happy and healthy 2021 to EVERYONE out there from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (US).

  14. I've found that I've been hitting a lot of my bunker shots and chips off the toe as well 🙁 so the answer is to get squarer in your stance? I feel like I'm going to hit it straight out of the hozel then.

  15. Topped and tailed the video with decent shots Pete! Jordan's technique for playing that tight lies shot is interesting. Can't wait to try it.

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