3 Simple Drills For More POWER In The Golf Swing | Clearing The Hips | ME AND MY GOLF

3 Simple Drills For More POWER In The Golf Swing | Clearing The Hips – In this video we show you how important it is to clear your hips in the golf swing and how it can generate so much power in your golf shots. We will also be providing you with 3 simple drills to help you clear your hips and hopefully get you hitting your golf shots a little further down the fairway!

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0:00 Intro.
03:49 – Footwork drill
05:11 – Centered knees drill
06.51 – Foot pop drill

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46 thoughts on “3 Simple Drills For More POWER In The Golf Swing | Clearing The Hips | ME AND MY GOLF

  1. I have to comment on your honesty – you didn't re-take that last driver shot; you let us see the 'bad' drive. Thanks for staying human. All your drills and coaching are fantastic….

  2. Great training lesson once again! Do you have any videos on reducing driver spin? I have double the spin of most pros (4100 reverse spin) and it cost me a lot of distance. Huge thank you!

  3. Yes Piers, yes!!! I have the same miss when I tee it too low with the driver. I don’t mean to mock your misfortune, I’d really just like to commiserate lol.

  4. A real conceptual eye-opener on how to use the ground during the golf swing! Can’t wait to get into these drills and hopefully see some results on the course!

  5. Great drills, just tried them out and it felt great getting that ground up effect. Very powerful feeling. Botched it up a little with several swings when the lead foot jumps back 😀 but the concept comes through on all of them. Massive thanks once again.

  6. Great tips. Really love your videos! I'm moving my left foot slightly open to the target but I'm having some pain in the outer left knee. Is that normal?

  7. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve been struggling with swinging my driver with the speed that I know I have (just afraid to hit a bad shot). Because of that, I was smashing it today and got my second hole in one at Bethpage Red. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

    P.S. Sorry Andy 😬

  8. Okay, I had to pause the video bc that clip of the guy busting through ice cracks me up but I’m also wondering how many takes it took to say the line with a straight face knowing what the video looked like

  9. Isaac Newton formulated some briefly stated laws about motion and force. First of all nobody can "push down into the ground". Your mass is your mass and you can't change it. To push down into the ground a person would need to push up against the sky. Likewise the guy on ice is a clear example of Newton's laws of motion. Turning his shoulders to swing the club creates an equal and opposite force with his feet. With no friction between feet and ice, his feet turn in the opposite direction to shoulders. So that's why we wear golf shoes with cleats.
    Along a line a whip unfolds until the very end of the whip is moving so fast it breaks the sound barrier to create the crack sound. In a rotational plane this is just what happens to the golfer. Starting from using cleats to keep the feet from sliding, then centering the knees that start the hips rotating that then turn the shoulders. This rotating platform then adds the rotational speed of arms and wrists to move the club head as fast as possible.
    If keep your body in the same position as at address – knees, jips, and shoulders aligned with the feet on the target line – then there's a clear reduction on rotational speed and loss of club head speed.

    Now we have to consider where the club head, at speed, passes where it started at address. With no rotation of the body, then the old advice of maintaining address position at impact helps get the club head at speed through the ball placement. This is how many older golfers still play regular, down the middle golf. If at address and holding the club with just the lead hand you open your shoulders to the target, your club head will be six inches or so inside the ball. Do the same with your trail hand and you'll find the club head six or so outside the ball.
    So if you rotate your shoulders during the swing, the golfer has to compensate for these movements. So now we can see why we hear about keeping the lead arm straight, and the trail elbow near the trouser pocket.
    So there is the basic physical facts of motion in a gravitational space (without gravity your cleats would not stop your feet moving like the guy on ice). So I have to ask you guys – when you speak of pushing into the ground – how do you guys do this since everyone who has heard of Newton and his laws of motion that clearly know this can't be done.Likewise about opening the hips and shoulders – what do you guys suggest to compensate for the indispensable change in the lead and trail arms from address to impact.
    I can understand that golf coaching in short clips has to use imagery rather than clear facts. But this idea of drills to rotate the body is missing some vital basics about cleats and arms. Without this lots of golfers may try these drills in flip-flops (see some of the Facebook posts on the Take Charge community) or while still keeping their arms in the form they had at address.
    On the other hand, I have to say that your imagery generally works well, even better than most other video clip providers.

  10. Showing that guy swinging on the ice was genius. What an amazing swing thought. It's really helped me feel the ground and understand what the lower body has to do. Thank you😁

  11. Thanks for being kind and not killing the bug on the ball, although it definitely threw your rhythm off on your 3rd drive. Lol.

  12. Had a fellow tell me my swing was bad the other day because my left heel comes off the ground in my back swing and my legs move forward in my down swing. I just smiled and told him, "that's why your drives look like my 5 iron shots" 🤣

  13. Kyle Berkshire and I grew up at the same course, his dad owns it. When i was 14 and he was like 8 he had a hole in one on a 150 yard par 3 with a driver , hole position behind a bunker lol he was already a scratch golfer. and he pronounces his name Birk Shire

  14. Really good ideas for the problems with turning the body. Both are speaking so fast und now I had additional subtitles in the video. Unfortunately they are also coming and going extrem fast for reading them and moreover they are placed, where you normally see the ball-hit or the feet. I think, that's not a good idea. I'm German speaking and it would be helpful, but not in this way. But a really good video again….thanks!

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