25 Year Later

25 years after his first Masters, Tiger Woods looks back at his most precious Tournament memories.

29 thoughts on “25 Year Later

  1. I wish tigers dad could have been there last year. I know how bittersweet that must have been. I miss my dad everyday and times like that all you wanna do is share it with them

  2. I think this might be one of the best interviews of Tiger I've ever seen. Watching highlights of his career is like watching Jack's or any of the legends. Things just happen that can't be explained sometimes. And they happen a lot more often than they do to the "common" man.

  3. Bernhard Langer, at 63 years old, shot -3 and Larry Mise, at 62 years old, shot -2 today!! Let's all hope they make the cut and play the weekend. Way to go guys, we are so proud of you!!

  4. Tiger woods, MADE golf…..yes, there were legends in the 70s and 80s, but it died after mid 80s…..then TIGER came along…

  5. You can say what you want Tiger, with all the pressure on his shoulders and his body nearly breaking is the greastest golfer ever. Even before Nicklaus and his 3 Majors more in hand

  6. I was wondering if he would get emotional when he began talking about his boy being there. Thanks Tiger for showing emotional. My little boy looked up when heard my emotion. My dad recently passed away so he’s heard and seen me cry. Something I didn’t do for the first 46 of life.
    Dad and I loved Tiger’s story and he got to see Tiger’s comeback win at the Masters.

    Thanks for making this video

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