2016 Junior Orange Bowl R4 holes 10 thru 13

Video details;
Tournament: 2016 Junior Orange Bowl, Day 4 holes 10 thru 13
Leaderboard link: goo.gl/tdYYT5

Tournament Website:

Karl’s details at time of this video;
Age: 15 years
Height: 5′ 10″
Handicap: Plus 4.0
Karl’s website is www.karlgolf.info
Karl’s Facebook Athlete page is
Karl’s Twitter is
Karl’s Instagram is KoalaKarl2001
Our Email: pauls@westnet.com.au

17 thoughts on “2016 Junior Orange Bowl R4 holes 10 thru 13

  1. Just a question: Does Karl ever go back and watch these videos to see what he might need to work on? It's one thing to watch your swing but another to watch your entire game and that's something I think I would benefit from immensely.

  2. Granted I'm not a pro, but I'm not a hacker either. But has Karl ever considered giving a mallet putter a go? They tend to help people who struggle with distance control on longer putts.

  3. My home course is the Biltmore, they played the orange bowl a week ago and it was a great event since they had the redone course.

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