2016 Junior Orange Bowl: R3 holes 1 thru 5

Video details;
Tournament: 2016 Junior Orange Bowl, Day 3 holes 1 thru 5
Leaderboard link: goo.gl/tdYYT5

Tournament Website:

Karl’s details at time of this video;
Age: 15 years
Height: 5′ 9″
Handicap: Plus 4.0
Karl’s website is www.karlgolf.info
Karl’s Facebook Athlete page is
Karl’s Twitter is
Karl’s Instagram is KoalaKarl2001
Our Email: pauls@westnet.com.au

28 thoughts on “2016 Junior Orange Bowl: R3 holes 1 thru 5

  1. you should start to voice over whats going on, strategy, ect on the videos that your dad doesn't shoot or even have him do it if you wanna grow this channel. Personally I'm still happy you posed it bc I've been watching your videos for a while and enjoy watching you progress but it was a bit boring of a video.

  2. i see karl get a bit heady and hang on to many I didn't perform standards moments. prime example is jordan spieth – that plays himself out of the round…Breathe/enjoy so much golf in your lifetime to be played and have won. No question the talent and skill is apparent…all the best

  3. Karl I'm 28 and chasing the dream right now playing on mini tours… and I have to tell ya buddy I watch your videos all the time for inspiration! keep it up and we'll be playing together in a few short years! well I'm sure you'll be playing far past me! Still you're a pretty amazing dude Karl… I'd love to play a round with you one day soon… I live in South Florida

  4. you know im 15 years old and i hit my drive 268 thought that was good but 1st hole for him 315 i need to improve best game i did was a 78 but he is one hell of a player.

  5. Wow, what an amazing player. I'm 12 and this only inspires me to become better…I hope we meet up on the tour some day!

  6. Ever since you have started the YouTube channel I have gotten better and better. I am 11 and thank you for being Awseome, Karl vilips

  7. Been following Karl for a few years. His lower body action looks much improved. Exciting to see the improvements.

  8. this is absolutely incredible the level you play at; ill get struck by lightning if you don't get your tour card within 5 years

  9. How does it feel to beat Joaquin Niemann knowing he competed with the best in a pga tour event 2 years later?

  10. watching this now, its so cool how you played with joaqin nieman who is having a great year on tour, just shows how close you are to getting to the tour. keep up the good work

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