2016 Junior Orange Bowl: R2 holes, 10 thru 15

Video details;
Tournament: 2016 Junior Orange Bowl, Day 2, holes 10-14.
Leaderboard link: goo.gl/tdYYT5
Tournament Website:

Karl’s details at time of this video;
Age: 15 years
Height: 5′ 10″
Handicap: Plus 4.3
Karl’s website is www.karlgolf.info
Karl’s Facebook Athlete page is
Karl’s Twitter is
Karl’s Instagram is KoalaKarl2001
Our Email: pauls@westnet.com.au

25 thoughts on “2016 Junior Orange Bowl: R2 holes, 10 thru 15

  1. Hey Karl I just played a tournament with Ethan gillis and his dad Jerry Gillis told me that he met you at his driving range, is it true? Let me know ASAP Because the tournament is in Florida and my flight leaves on Saturday in 2 in the morning so let me know.


    Matthew Javier

  2. I really like him keeping that clubface square on the way back and changing the direction of his wrist hinge. Forces you to swing with big muscles, giving u more clubface control.

  3. hi i have been watching your videos a lot and i really enjoy them i have subscribed please could you sub to me back! it would be much appreciated

  4. tip for filming golf shots. Get behind/further away from where the shot "should" land. All approaches should be from behind the green.

  5. Do you know if Karl with play any golf tournaments that will be aired on golf channel. Really trying to watch him. Your sons a superstar man, really want to meet with him in real life seems like a cool guy
    To hang with

  6. Karl, what happened with your head in sage valley. I heard online that you got hit in the head so I just wanna see how your doing. I'm hoping you respond.

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