2013 US Kids World Championships, Final Round (Long version)

Karl’s 3rd & final round of the 2013 US Kids World Championships

Date recorded: 3rd August 2013
Tournament: US Kids Worlds
Where: Pinehurst
Age Division: 11 years
Yardage: 5650
Par: 72
Karl: 69, 67 & 73 to finish 7-under
Result: 2nd place.

Karl’s website: www.karlgolf.info

32 thoughts on “2013 US Kids World Championships, Final Round (Long version)

  1. What I'm trying to say is that the audio is the same in both videos ,this one and the talamore practise round one,I'm also hey karl did not get hurt or you in the accident

  2. Yes, someone's got a greater plan for Karl. Not sure yet what it is, but hopefully it involved golf.
    I had lowered the volume of the intro on the past few videos and added beeps so that viewers don't raise their volume thinking that it's muted. Hopefully that's worked.

  3. Thanks. I used the Google Earth so that viewers could visualize the hole better.
    The shaky video was when I wasn't filming due to me caddying, but the choice of no video or shaky video for a few holes was an easy one.
    The commentary advice is well timed, as I was only these past few days thinking about doing that exact thing, but with a video overlay of Karl explaining what he was thinking at the time. There are tons of juniors who wonder what to do in a similar situation.

  4. It's hard to go past the US Kids Golf Clubs, as unless the player is extraordinarily strong for their height, their clubs are used by a heck of a lot of the best junior players.
    They have standard and Tour Player level clubs and in terms of value for money, they can't be beaten. Go to US Kids Golf and then to the Equipment page.

  5. You'll need a "game improvement" type of iron. Each of the main manufacturers has them.

    Depending on the height of the player, you may or may not need to have the "Lie" either flattened or made steeper. On typical irons that are made using the casting method, that will allow for up to 2 degrees of adjustment, whereas a forged iron can be tweaked up to 4 degrees. However, forged irons are more expensive,
    Karl played with Taylormade Burner Plus irons until he got down to a 14 handicap.

  6. Karl's not sponsored, but does wear some Puma clothing supplied by them and has played Mizuno forged irons supplied by Mizuno for the past 3 seasons. His full club specs are available at his website in the "What;s in my bag" page at karlgolf dot info.

  7. Hey when when will you and Karl go on a road trip because I'm here in California and maybe if you have time maybe your son can play with me and I'm 13 years old thanks.

  8. At the moment it plays the best for him in terms of distance and control. He practices with Pro V's and Callaways from time to time to compare, but the RXS always seems to suit him the best. As he gets stronger the lower compression won't be as much of an advantage, but for the moment it suits the best.

  9. This was so exciting to watch!! You have no idea and I like the little highlights you added along the video; you really made it suspenseful. Congrats to Karl again. That crowd looked like a Tiger woods gallery, but you said he enjoyed it so it's nice to know he feeds from it. Unlucky early, but your kid Karl is super talented. And I'm just excited for the videos every single time they come out. Good luck in the future Karl.

  10. I am 12 years old just like Karl and I have some questions! I have always wanted to go to the junior champion ship this year but it never happened. Where is the one next year and do you have to go to special training to get into it or take classes or do you just sign up in it he Internet or what? And also how much is it?

  11. The Callaway Junior Worlds and the US Kids Worlds are highly regarded as the best. Both require you to be a good golfer at whichever age you are. Their websites have the full details.
    There are a few other "World" championships, but naming a tournament a World Championship doesn't necessarily give it the same credibility as the 2 I mentioned.

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