2009 US Kids Worlds (2013 HD Cut) Part 2 of 2

This is video of Karl’s 2009 US Kids World Championships win at age 7. We originally uploaded this video in Standard 480 Definition 4 years ago, but after finding the original HD images, we have now been able to upload all the holes we had video of from Karl’s 1st World Title in High Definition.

Tournament details;
3 rounds of 9 holes each
Yardage: 1711 Yards (Approx)
Total Field size: 1300 Players
7 Years Boys: 97 Players
Karl’s scores;
Round 1: 1-Under 35
Round 2: Even Par 36
Round 3: 1-Under 35
For details on Karl’s equipment used for this tournament, refer to the “What’s in my bag” page at Karl’s website at www.karlgolf.info

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