18th Hole: @RickShielsPGA Vs @AndyCarterPGA at Royal Lytham

18th Hole: @RickShielsPGA Vs @AndyCarterPGA at Royal Lytham
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Rick Shiels PGA Golf Coach takes on Andy Carter PGA Golf Coach at Royal Lytham and St Annes. Matchplay over 9 holes 1,2,3,7,8,9,16,17 and 18th
See who can come out victourious over the first three holes and the 2012 Open Venue

31 thoughts on “18th Hole: @RickShielsPGA Vs @AndyCarterPGA at Royal Lytham

  1. That's so true what you was sayings about playing on the same courses as the pros, never thought of it like that, makes me love the game Evan more.
    P.s love the videos guys keep up the good work and more of these would be awesome. Thanks

  2. Honourable halved match, really enjoyed your trip round RL, great stuff!!! Birkdale next……? Know there were some gimme's, but what were the gross scores boy's, did you beat my 73?

  3. Absolutely fantastic 3 part production there buddy. Deffo a fair result in the end. You ever want a caddy for your next 18 hole challenge, I'll be happy to bring my talents to the competition and make the challenge even more professional.
    The Claw & Dobby vs Cart Dog & ?

  4. Nice series but your man Andy Carter has got zero personality. My washing machine is more watchable and more entertaining than he is.

  5. Is Dan the video man on danger money by the way, one of those drive`s in one of the previous vid`s looked mighty close ? That lip out gutted.

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