10-year-old Karl’s 2012 Callaway Junior Worlds Highlights (30 minutes in length)

Highlights of all 3 days of Karl’s 2012 Callaway Junior World Championships which Karl won.
Note, this is a 30-minute video.
Karl’s website is www.karlgolf.info where we keep all of Karl’s golf information.

30 thoughts on “10-year-old Karl’s 2012 Callaway Junior Worlds Highlights (30 minutes in length)

  1. The course is interesting, as it's very short, but although very short it's also only a Par of 62, so to play to Par is quite difficult. Each year only a few players break Par at the Junior Worlds on this course. You can view the actual yardages on Karl's scorecard for the tournament which is available at the Callaway Junior Worlds under "Results" for the 9-10 Years Boys Division.

  2. Practice, Practice, Practice, and try as hard as you can to make a Bogey on a bad hole when it'd be so easy to rack up a Double Bogey, as each shot counts on your score.

  3. The Welk Resort Executive is a very short course, but has a Par of 62, so it's very difficult to score that. That's why each year there are usually only a couple of players who break Par in this tournament. The focus on this course is accuracy rather than length.

  4. As of those 2012 Junior Worlds, Karl's Mens Handicap was 6.1, so for 9 holes you'd figure he should be 3-over Par (around 39).

  5. Yeh. It's weird how he can beat most members at any course, but is too young to be allowed to be a member at most courses. They take one look at him coming in the front gate and say "He's too young, get him outa here."
    There was also a time when women weren't allowed to vote, but that got changed too.

  6. Great swing and seems like a good kid. Help him keep his feet on the ground as he progresses so he doesn't turn into another Republican douche like Azinger.

  7. Karl's short game compensates for his lack of length due to his age and size. His official Mens handicap is 2.5.
    At the time of this video it was 6.

  8. Karls got a great natural swing with great rhythm. wish i had the short game he's got, guess all his practise pays off! what a talent this guy is. hope to see him on the PGA tour in the future

    all the best

  9. His swing is obvioulsy fantastic…but Im more impressed with his scoring shots….bunkers, pitches, chips and especially putting…….amazing putter.

  10. I'm a huge fan of karl's watch alot of his videos but I really don't think he hits it 220+ with his driver!

  11. That's understandable. China's 12-yo Ye Wocheng hits over 250 yards, so Karl's not even close to being the longest. It comes down to many factors incl the club, ball and technique. There are a few other 11yo's that can hit it longer than Karl who'll play the Junior Worlds with him.
    The videos titled 2013 Victorian Junior Masters-Day 1 and Day 2 have the yardages there.
    The 2 age groups were Under 14 and Under 18, with both age groups played from the Men's Tournament Tees.
    Hope that helps.

  12. Good job man, im 16 and i only started Golf when i was 15. I LOVE this sport although i need to practice on my swing. 😛

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